New Program Helps Poor Americans Quit

by Jenny Novac on December 24, 2014

Quit Smoking

Researchers say that new outreach program proves to be effective in helping poor Americans get rid of smoking. They made a study which demonstrated that in the USA smoking rates are high among people with low incomes. These people  are found to have greater difficulty quitting and among them there are reported more cases of smoking-related diseases.

Having this data, the researchers decided to find effective and cheap ways to help poor smokers to quit. For that purpose there were selected adult smokers in the Boston area who had low income. A part of them were included in a quit smoking program while other part received advice from their health care providers.

The quit smoking program included counseling via telephone. Besides this, it provided free nicotine-replacement therapy for the period of 6 weeks. Smokers were informed about resources to address social factors connected to smoking.  Researchers showed that all these methods used together helped smokers to quit. The results of the research were published in December issue of the journal JAMA Internal Medicine.

Smokers invloved in quit smoking program were interested in job counseling, physical activity and educational opportunities. Those who asked for a referral to community resources were nearly 44% more likely to get rid of smoking.

According to Dr. Jennifer Haas, physician and researcher in the general medicine and primary care division at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, the results of the study show that using social activities is effective in helping poor people quit.

Thus using quit smoking methods at once may help reduce number of smoking related diseases in the USA.

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