Nick Grimshaw Reveals Simon Cowell’s Smoking Secrets

by Jenny Novac on October 6, 2014

Simon Cowell

It is not a secret that famous TV host of X Factor show Simon Cowell is a smoker. Often paparazzi catch him with a pack of menthol cigarettes. Though he said he will quit due to birth of his son, he was again spotted smoking in his car!

Smokers normally go outside to light up, but Cowell refuses to do this preferring to smoke comfortably inside. Last week  Radio One DJ Nick Grimshaw saw that  Cowell smoked in his office n Kensington. In an interview the DJ said:

“We did the chat [for the breakfast show] at his office in Kensington. He was smoking. It’s kind of gangster that he can have a fag inside.”

Nick also revealed that Cowell works throught he night. Probably, he needs to work more in order to afford the rent in the luxury house for 12 X Factor finalists. The house has 12 bedrooms, a pool, a gym, a sauna and a large park. This is one of the most luxurious houses The X Factor has ever had.

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