No More Smoking in Arizona Housing Units

by Jenny Novac on October 27, 2014

Smoking Woman

Today more and more individual owners and apartment-management companies restrict or totally prohibit smoking in apartment units. The trend becomes more and more popular in the USA.

Why multi-housing units do adopt these bans? There are may reasons for it. Here the talk is about welfare and health of residents, and also about respect for neighbors.

One more important reason to ban smoking is cost cutting and time saving. Cigarettes smell can remain in the apartment for a long time. It stays in upholstery, carpets, wallpapers and even blinds after smoker moved out. It takes time and money to clean an apartment where smoker lived in order to make it good for a new resident. Sometimes there is a need for additional housekeeping in order to remove ashes and cigarette butts. Also housing owners are worried about the risks for fires.

Managers and owners do have all necessary power to adopt smoking bans in their units, and even impose fines. Management must take into consideration Smoke Free Arizona Act, which imposes next rules :

1. Smoking should be banned inside and within 20 feet of entrances of buildings and inside enclosed common zones.

2.Non-smokers should be respectful of their neighbors who smoke in areas where it is permitted.

3. In apartment communities, every individual housing unit is considered a private residence, therefore smoking may be permitted within the home as it is writted in the lease. In case of privately-owned apartments, manager or owner may have rules about smoking.

4. In outdoor common areas smoking may be allowed at the walkways, courtyards and play areas.

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