No Smoke-Free Rules in 40% Smokers Homes

by Jenny Novac on June 22, 2015

Parents and Kids

Latest study made in the USA demonstrates that in the country in 40% homes of adult smoking parents do not have established smoke-free rules and continue to smoke at homes where their kids are present.

Introduction of smoke-free rules at homes help to protect children from exposure to secondhand smoke and reduces the risks that those kids will become smokers in future.

Patricia Folan is the researcher who heads the Center for Tobacco Control at North Shore-LIJ Health System in Great Neck, N.Y.  She told that smoke-free rules at home are very important when the talk is about kids and teens, because they have less control over their environment.

The author of the study is Ana Martinez-Donate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The researchers analyzed data from survey conducted between 2010-2011.

Thus the obtained data showed that 60% of homes with kids and at least one smoking parent had a voluntary smoke-free rule in the home.

Those rules were more common in two-parent homes rather than in one-parent home. Smoke-free rules were a norm in families where parents had a higher education and their annual income was from  $50,000. Also families with babies proved to have smoke-free rules than families without babies.

Most parents support the idea that use of cigarettes should never be permitted in cars where kids are present. 72% of smoking parents without smoke-free rules in their homes also support this. However, only 61% of parents without smoke-free rules in their home agree that smoking should be banned on kids playgrounds.

Folan says that there is a need to educate parents about the importance of creating smoke-free environments for kids in homes. For that purpose would be nice to run a nationwide anti-smoking campaign.

The results of the study may be found in June issue of the journal Preventing Chronic Disease.

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