No Smoking Day in the UK

by Jenny Novac on March 4, 2015

No Smoking Day

On March 11 there will be No Smoking Day in the UK. Prior to this day there was released data by a research which reveals that smoking people have a 70% increased risk of depression and anxiety in comparison with those who do not smoke. This explodes the myth that tobacco is a major stress reliever.

Surprisingly, levels of depression and anxiety in former smokers who used tobacco for a long time were similar to levels in non-smokers and lower than in current smokers. It means that quitting helps people to fight depression and anxiety and generally improves mental condition.

In the research totally participated 6,500 people over 40 years old. Researchers found that 18.3% of smokers suffered from anxiety and depression in comparison with 10% of non-smokers and 11.3% of former smokers. Today 36% of smokers in UK believe that cigarettes help to relief from stress and this data gives new ideas for consideration.

The aim of No Smoking Day is to bust myths about smoking. It is expected that one million smokers will join the celebration and use the day to quit.

Dr Mike Knapton says that many smokers refuse to quit their habit because of belief that smoking hels them to relax. Howver, it is wrong perception because smoking increases anxiety. Yeah, smokers really feel relaxed after making several puffs, but this is a very short relief.

Instead, smokers experience cravings and withdrawal symptoms which are more intense. Generally, smoking gives only a short relaxation and never treats the causes of stress.

Former smoker Ria Wood, aged 45, tells that it was hard for her to quit namely because of this sensation of stress relief that cigarettes give.

However, she managed to quit and now feels much better and even less stressed.

Data shows that one in five UK adult people are smokers.

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