Obama’s reason to stop smoking

by Jenny Novac on August 22, 2012

US President Barack Obama had finally stopped smoking. However, nobody knew what the motivation for smoking cessation was. Recently it was revealed the reason why president kicked the smoking habit. First Lady Michelle Obama, in an exclusive interview, said that she talks about the negative effects of smoking, but the decision of Barack Obama to quit smoking was not the pressure on the part of First Lady. The reason for giving up smoking appeared from two daughters: Malia, 14, and Sasha, 11.

Barack Obama Quitted Smoking

The US President Barack Obama

Mrs. Obama told during the interview that she knew that President’s desire to finally give up smoking was due to their daughters as now it is the time when they see and realize everything.  According to Mrs. Obama, President does not want to say his daughters not to smoke while he still does this.

As Barack Obama tried to give up smoking, Michelle Obama said that they did not discuss the president’s smoking too much at home. When Mrs. Obama knew that the president was trying to quit, she just didn’t talk about smoking. She just said “How are you doing today? Is it hard? Did you smoke?”

A year after the president succeeded in quitting smoking, he said his daughters that he succeed in this. As Mrs. Obama said that Malia and Sasha were not asking their father about smoking every day as they never really have seen the president smoke. Barrack Obama has never lighted up a cigarette around his daughters so it wasn’t part of their daily lives.

Michelle Obama said that they can easily and openly talk about smoking with their daughters.  “We talk about drugs, we talk about sex, we talk about smoking, we talk about it all,” Mrs. Obama told in the interview. When Mrs. Obama asked if she’s had “the talk,” she said, “We’ve had all the talks there are to have. She meant that Malia is very curious and open, and they think that it is necessary to approach kids where they are, and when they ask a question, their reaction and how open and how comfortable they are with the issue really affects their willingness to share.

Mrs. Obama reveals something she has never talked about openly before in public – something every parent can relate to.

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