In Fort Collins Old Cigarette Butts to Be Recycled

by Jenny Novac on December 23, 2013

cigarette butts

It is expected that soon Fort Collins would become free of cigarette butts that are left everywhere by smokers. In the course of the new recycling pilot program this summer and autumn city workers gathered more than140,000 cigarette butts from around Old Town. The butts were sifted out of rubblish, packed in special boxes and sent to a New Jersey company that pulls them apart in order to make from them ashtrays and pallets.

Mike Brunkhardt, a city Parks Department crew chief and supervisor of the pilot program, says that the program is great because it is a wonderful way to remove garette butts out of the landfill.

The butt recycling program is managed by TerraCycle, the organization located in New Jersey. It also deals with rubbish hard to recycle such as candy wrappers, ink and toner cartridges, baby food pouches.

Filter in a cigarette butt is what is recycled. Thus workers pull apart the cigarette butts in order to eliminate plastic filters, which will be melted down and reused. TerraCycle introduced the butt recycling program in 2012 in collaboration with Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Co. Santa Fe representative told that the recycling program is a way of taking responsibility for rubbish produced by tobacco industry products.

According to the Cigarette Butt Pollution Project, millions of butts are discarded every year, which makes them the single-most discarded item, Smokers usually discard cigarette waste in ways that litter the environment, Cressida Lozano from Santa Fe told that their company is proud to be the sponsor of an innovative program to lower and recycle cigarette butt litter, regardless of which tobacco manufacturer made the cigarettes.

The cigarette butts belong to the rubbish that may be recycled. It was estimated that generally Fort Collins throws away nearly $6.5 million worth of recyclable or reusable items each year.

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