Oldest American Veteran Smokes and Drinks

by Jenny Novac on November 17, 2014

Richard Overton,

Texan Richard Overton, aged 108, today is the oldest living veteran in the USA, and despite his age he continues to be active in everyday life.

Last week, after Overton participated in Austin’s Veteran’s Day Parade as a grand marshal, he was relaxing on the porch of his house in Texas which he bought after his return from World War II for just $4,000.

When asked about Parade of this year, Overton told it was fine and very beautiful, even more beautiful than in previous years. He felt good and appreciated all the authorotoes done. His name and age were written on the side of the car and people were wondering to see him still walking.

It is normal for  Overton to start his day with a teaspoon of whiskey added to his coffee. He says it is a kinda medicine. Also Overton is a regular smoker. He uses one cigar daily.

Despite smoking and drinkning, he remains in a perfect shape these days. He still goes to church on Sundays, drives his old Ford pickup truck, and even helps to do some wok in church and some work in his yard. Remember, his is 108!

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