Omega-3 Reduces Cravings for Cigarettes

by Jenny Novac on November 12, 2014


A new research found that Omega-3 supplements can help people to quit smoking. It turned out that fatty acids do reduce cravings for nicotine. In the course of the research one group of smokers consumed omega-3 capsules on the daily basis and second group of smokers consumed placebo pills.  It was found that those who used omega-3 smoked 11% less cigarettes than those from second group.

The author of the study is  Dr Sharon Rabinovitz Shenkar, of the University of Haifa, Israel. He says that modern drugs used to reduce and quit smoking are not effective and have a list of side effects. Here omega-3 is best solution as it has not side efects, is cheap and available to everyone. Omega-3 demonstrates high ability to reduce cravings for nicotine.

It is a well known fact that smoking reduces levels of fatty acids in the brain, especially Omega-3. Deficit of Omega-3 leads to damage of nerve cells and break of interaction between nerves in brain areas reponsable for feeling satisfaction and pleasure. These areas play an important role in making decisions, therefore it is difficult for a smoker to refuse from cigarettes. Omega-3 helps to deal with depression and stress, therefore deficit of this substance makes smoker want a cigarette in stressful situations.

In the study by Dr. Shenkar participated 48 people who were regular smokers for 11 years using 14 cigarettes daily. Participants were divided into two groups. First group took 950mg omega-3 capsule five times a day for 30 days. Second group took five placebo pilss daily also during 30 days. Those from first group reduced cigarettes consumption by 2 sticks daily. People from second group showed no changes in cigarettes consumption.

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