Plastic from Cigarettes Litter?

According to  TerraCycle, the UK wants to implement a new project which will help to reduce cigarettes litter in public spaces. The talk is about recycling cigarette butts into new plastic products. Cigarette butts are most common litter from smoking. It is found at nearly three-quarters (73%) of areas examined by anti-smoking activists. Those areas […]

What Cessation Methods are Most Effective?

Data shows that today 42 million Americans smoke and among them almost...

No Smoke-Free Rules in 40% Smokers Homes

Latest study made in the USA demonstrates that in the country in...

T2 Cylinder Cigarette Lighter by Dieter Rams

Dieter Rams is a famous German designer who worked for Braun company....

Bella Hadid Has a Cigarette Break After a Samsung Event

18-years-old model Bella Hadid became a new face of Samsung Mobile and she celebrated her new job at the tech brand’s pop up shop found in New York. At the event she was dressed in a creamy mini dress with long sleeves and had a pair of creamy high-heels. However, the event took place after […]

Ben Affleck Smoking

Ben Affleck Smokes a Cigarette Outside His Home

After meeting with his ex wife Jennifer Garner and their kids, Ben Affleck was spotted with a cigarette. In June the couple announced about their divorce. On the images Ben has a swollen face and wild hair.      

Patrick Schwarzenegger

Patrick Schwarzenegger Smokes Cigarette in Kid’s Playground

21-years-old Patrick Schwarzenegger revealed in one of his latest posts in social media that he is a big fan of actor Will Ferrell. On Friday, Patrick posted on sical media a photo where he is sitting on top of a playground spring rider. The image...

Tara Reid

Tara Reid Reveals Skinny Arms While Puffing a Cigarette

Actress  Tara Reid, the star of the movie Sharknado, was caught recently by paparazzi.  It should be said that paparzzi spotted her in right time in the right place. The images show her smoking a cigarette and reveal her skinny arms. The images are fresh!...

Charlize Theron Puffing a Cigarette While Filming for The Huntsman

Charlize Theron Puffing a Cigarette While Filming for The Huntsman

Charlize Theron is the celebrity which is frequently spotted smoking cigarettes. Besides this she puffs cigarettes on photosessions for famous magazines. The actress was spotted recently again smoking a cigarette! This time on the UK set of The Huntsman. The 39-years-old Charlize would celebrate on...

Alicia Vikander and Eliot Sumner

Alicia Vikander and Eliot Sumner Enjoy a Smoking Break in Ischia

Swedish actress Alicia Vikander, 26, and English musicain Eliot Sumner (aka Coco), 24, are from different countries and belong to different worlds of cultures. However, latest paparazzi images suggest they found a common language and have much to discuss. The image was made on Italian...

Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall

Camilla has Finally Gave Up Smoking

Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall would celebrate on July 17 her 68th birthday and to this important event she made herself an amazing gift — she has finally gave up smoking. A source told that Camilla has worked hard to quit smoking once and for...

Helen Fanagan

Helen Flanagan Gave Up Smoking for Her Baby

Actress Helen Flanagan at the and of June gave bith to a child and told she successfully quit smoking and will never start using cigarettes again. 24-year-old Helen smoked Davidoff Shape White cigarettes for several years and when she became pregnant shoe decided to quit...