Patrick Schwarzenegger Smokes Cigarette in Kid’s Playground

by Jenny Novac on August 10, 2015

21-years-old Patrick Schwarzenegger revealed in one of his latest posts in social media that he is a big fan of actor Will Ferrell.

On Friday, Patrick posted on sical media a photo where he is sitting on top of a playground spring rider.

Patrick Schwarzenegger Smokes Cigarette in Kid's Playground

The image shows he has a cigarette in his mouth.  He made reference to character Jackie Moon played by Ferrell in the movie Semi-Pro (2008).  Patrick even tagged the location he has been –  Flint, Michigan. Namely in this place the comedy was made.

He wrote the next caption for the photo: “Just met Jackie Moon at this park #tropics.”

Who is that Jackie Moon? In the movie the central character who is a basketball coach, owner, player.

Why Schwarzenegger junior uses cigarettes in his age? Yeah, he may be influenced by Schwarzenegger senior who uses cigars.

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