People Smoke Despite Tobacco Regulations

by Jenny Novac on November 24, 2014


Mark Twain is frequently quoted by people who want to quit as he said  “Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know, because I’ve done it thousands of times.”

Samuel Jones, aged 51, was standing outside the Senator Hotel office building across from the Capitol and smoking. He told that he did not participate into Great American Smokeout, the event which takes place each year on third Thursday of November and its aim is to encourage smokers to stop their habit at least for one day. Samule says that Great American Smokeout is not for him, at least this year.

Samuel dislikes smelling like cigarettes, but smoking helps him to relieve from stress. He says that it is the only vice he has and he cannot think about smoking hazards when is stressed. Cigarettes for him is a affordable and easy way to get rid of it. Cigarettes help him to relax and he feels calm and good.

Data shows that public education, cigarettes tax increase and smoking restrictions in public spaces helped to reduce smoming rates in the USA in the past few decades. These days in California, around 12% of adults smoke, lower than the national rate of 18.1%. In the past years in the state there was noted no significant reduction of smoking rates. Quitting is had and smokers know it, Some of them stop and then begin again. However, the biggest problem is youth which still is attracted by cigarettes.

Health experts from Dubbed Save Lives California coalition say that cigarettes price increase will make more people want to quit, and this will reduce health care costs and save taxpayer dollars.

Dr. Richard Thorp, past president of the California Medical Association, considers that smoking related diseases may be prevented and prevention is best thing to do.
Last week the Coalition proposed to impose a $2 tax on a pack of cigarettes through legislation. The opponents say that tax increase will affect most vulnerable layers of society.

California launched the Great American Smokeout in 1976 and it was an early adopter of quit smoking campaigns. But today the state’s tobacco tax rate ranks 33rd in the USA.  An average pack of cigarettes costs $6.

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