Philip Morris Charitable Giving Program

by Jenny Novac on May 28, 2012

Philip Morris International charitable giving programs ameliorate conditions of living in places where the company’s employees live and work. As well, the cigarette maker controls the agricultural communities.

PMI Charitable Giving Program

Philip Morris international Charitable Giving Program

There are five areas that are included in charitable giving programs: starvation and poverty, education, country conditions of living, domestic violence and relief from natural disasters. The tobacco company has chosen these five areas because they are among the most crucial problems impacting the countries where Philip Morris operates.

Many years ago, before corporate social responsibility became popular; the cigarette maker’s precessors at Philip Morris Companies were investing in that they esteemed. Philip Morris devoted money to the arts.

Philip Morris Charitable Giving Program became worldwide after the company began to extend internationally. As well, one of the main goals of the company is to avoid people from domestic violence.

After becoming an independent formation in 2008, Philip Morris International has prolonged to support this dedication to philanthropy. The tobacco company created a purpose-oriented contributions department and selected focus areas where people have the most urgent needs. Of course, there are people who find the tobacco company guilty of trading philanthropy for goodwill. But the company continues working to better people’s lives.

Nowadays, Philip Morris International invests over $30 million yearly to maintain charitable causes.  In 2011 the company maintained 274 charitable plans in 58 countries. Totally, PMI charitable giving touched on more than 3.5 million people including: meals and health assistance to about 1,1 million people; education programs for nearly 200,000 students and teachers; job retraining, new jobs set up for approximately 145,000 people; maintenance to more than 200,000 people with disabilities; counseling and refuge for around 26,000 domestic violence victims; 22 million trees planted and maintenance assured to over 700,000 people; 300,000 people were provided by clean water and sanitation, and new homes, refuges, and community buildings provided for more than 850,000 people.

PMI has an internal department that has to do with controlling their charitable giving. Annually the tobacco company sets up an overall budget, which is divided between countries based on focus areas and demands from in-country. Local charities and noncommercial organizations request for financing through PMI in-country teams.

Philip Morris International supervises each project and identifies its results.

As part of PMI grant demand form, each claimant must provide a line-by-line breakdown of a project’s budget. The company wants to know the explanation for each project and how many people will derive a profit.

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