Picture of child smoking in Solomon Islands

by Jenny Novac on March 27, 2013

An online picture of a Solomon Islands smoking boy smoking caused intense discussion over children’s rights and child health

Smoking Boy Solomon Islands

A picture of a boy smoking

The boy, whose picture was published on a Solomon Islands Facebook page, is found to be around six or seven years old.

The Forum Solomon Islands Facebook page has been full with comments providing problem for the child’s health.

“[This] is a bad sign for us…parents needs to take more responsible roles in our homes,” said one user.

“I’ve seen cases similar and worse than this pic…just can’t comprehend why kids of such age get in to such activities. Sad,” said another.

But others have posted critisized comments about the uploading of the picture.

“I know what’s going on too & I do care about him as well as many others out there. Should care enough to respect the rights of that kid,” said one.

Wilfred Zina from Save the Children in Honiara says that quite a lot is being carried out by the government and UN agencies to bring up awareness about the risks of smoking.

But, Mr Zina has told that the problem of smoking children still requires more attention.

“Unfortunately, smoking isn’t unheard (of) among kids and teenagers in Solomon Islands,” he said.

“It is something Save the Children is very worried about.

“Although, this picture is something that we would not allow, as it shows to other youngsters that smoking is cool, and this is something that we are working hard to eliminate.”

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