Plastic from Cigarettes Litter?

by Jenny Novac on September 29, 2015

Cigarette Butt

According to  TerraCycle, the UK wants to implement a new project which will help to reduce cigarettes litter in public spaces. The talk is about recycling cigarette butts into new plastic products.

Cigarette butts are most common litter from smoking. It is found at nearly three-quarters (73%) of areas examined by anti-smoking activists. Those areas totally make up over a third (35%) of all litter found on the ground.

The project will prevent smoking people from throwing billions of non-biodegradable butts and other cigarettes litter on the grounds in public spaces.

The “Cigarette Waste Brigade” permits anti-smoking activists, officials, working people and their bosses to gather such smoking litter as ash, butts, unused filters, paper from cigarette packs, rolling paper. All this litter from smoking will be sent on recycling with the help of free shipping labels.  Litter will be recycled into new  plastic delivery pallets, with any remaining paper and tobacco being composted.

The initiative comes from the compnay which is occupied with turning different products into plastic materials. For example, it makes plastic from baby food pouches  and biscuit wrappers. Japan Tobacco International, the manufacturere of Winston XSense blue online, said it supports the new initiative.

Tom Szaky, head of TerraCycle, says the project would solve two problems at a time: it will help to reduce smoking litter on the ground and create useful products from waste. He urges people to join the project and help gather as many litter as possible. Also he invited businesses to join the initiative.

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