Quit Smoking Products Do Not Harm the Heart

by Jenny Novac on December 11, 2013


Here are wonderful news for those who want to quit smoking. Recently it was found that smoking cessation drugs, nicotine gums and patches do no affect negatively the heart. It was considered before that some products that help people to quit may present a threat to heart health.  One health expert told that patients sometimes wonder about the safety of certain products.

Dr. Jonathan Whiteson, who is smoking cessation specialist at NYU Langone Medical Center in New York City, says that most patients usually are worried about the effects of use of nicotine replacement therapies such as nicotine gum or patch. They consider they will harm them. However, frequently patients get more nicotine from their cigarettes than from nicotine replacement products when not smoking.

According to Whiteson, the results of new findings show that nicotine replacement products are safe for human body for people who use them to quit smoking and there is no significant detrimental effect from their use.

The research was conducted by Edward Mills, who is an associate professor of medicine at Stanford University and Canada Research Chair at the University of Ottawa. He along with his crew examined 63 studies, in which participated around 30,500 people, in order to evaluate what effects has nicotine replacement gums and patches on heart.

The research found that nicotine replacement therapies for a short period of time increased the chances of a quick heartbeat, but this phenomenon occurred in people who were still smoking cigarettes while using the therapies. The researchers say that with these treatments there was no increased risk of serious heart events.

Thus patients are insistently recommended not to smoke while using nicotine replacement therapy at the same time because it may cause side effects from nicotine overdose. However, there is no evidence that use of some smoking cessation drugs increased the risk of heart attack.

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