Reasons Why People Smoke

by Jenny Novac on November 5, 2014


1. To look cool
When people see smoking celebrities on TV or images, they find it cool and sexy. When a cool person smokes, the act of smoking itself becomes cool.

2. To lose weight
It was found that smokers weigh 7 pounds less than non-smokers due to the fact that smoking reduces appetite.

3. To get rid of stress
Smoking helps greatly to relieve from stress. It is a well known effective and affordable way to fight stress at any time of the day.

4. To feel relaxed
In stressful situations cigarettes help to relax very quickly and you again feel yourself good and calm.

5. To think properly
Smoking cigarettes helps to shut distractions which makes the mind think better.

6. To integrate into society
When a man has a smoke break with his peers, they may discuss many topics and find out each other much better.

7. Relaxing breath
During smoking the way smoker breathes helps to relax his mind.

8. They are addicted to it
It is a well known fact that nicotine causes addiction which makes it difficult to quit.

9. They enjoing smoking
Smokers enjoy holding a cigarette in their hand, enjoy smoke breaks and this calm sensation that cigarettes give.

10. They are psychologically dependent
Smoking sometimes develops a psychological dependence when people say they cannot spend a day without a cigarette.

11. They follow an example
When teens see their parents smoking they follow their example and start smoking too.

12. They want to experiment
Most smokers say that began the habit from simple curiosity and the desire to find out what smoking is.

13. They are mirroring others
Teens want to grow up and be like adults, therefore they start acting like adults. Smoking is considered a characteristic of maturity and a perfect tool to look mature.

14. They are pressed by peers
When teen’s friends smoke, it is more likely that he will start smoking too in order to not be a black sheep.

15, People just love it

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