Rihanna Proudly Displays Her Smoking Habit

by Jenny Novac on October 29, 2012

Rihanna is smoking, puffing and embracing the cloud of smoke that appears to be visible in the majority of her self-portraits.  She not only smokes cigarette but she wants to announce a public about her habit.

Smoking has always been glamorized. It is no longer a surprise to be in a room of celebrities who puff away and blow smoke in your face!  Rihanna is stepping up by changing her image! She certainly has more attitude than her younger years.  She’s being throwing up the middle finger, grabbing her crotch in photos, cussing and smoking on Twitter…

Smoking Rihanna Twitter

Rihanna twitted her smoking picture


Smoking Rihanna

Rihanna inhaling cigarette smoke


Rihanna Smoking

Rihanna smoking a cigarette


Sexy Smoking rRhanna

Rihanna smoking a cigarillo


Rihanna Monaco

Rihanna is sure not shy about her smoking habit


Smoking Rihanna

Rihanna smoking while filming We Found Love clip

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