Rihanna shows another photo of herself smoking

by Jenny Novac on January 30, 2013

It’s growing to be significantly obvious that Rihanna doesn’t wish to be anyone’s role model.

Rihanna Smoking

Rihanna Smoking a cigarette

The “You Da One” performer revealed a picture of herself smoking what seemed to be a hand-rolled cigarette. The photo was accompanied with a following tweet:

“You a real n—-, then phuck wit me!”

The 25-years-old singer showed the newest round of pictures while practicing for her upcoming Diamonds World Tour.

It is not the first time when Rihanna has shared a few of herself holding a cigarette or smoking a blunt through her Instagram account, and lately tweeted her appreciation for wake-and-baking.

“I’m up and all I wanna do is smoke!” she wrote. “Is it too early? tiptoes quietly to stashbox to avoid judgement.”

The “Unapologetic” bad girl has explained that she does what she desires, particularly regarding sharing controversial pictures of herself with on-again flame, singer Chris Brown.

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