Rihanna Smokes in Topless Selfie

by Jenny Novac on May 7, 2014

On one of latest images on Instagram topless Rihanna is smoking a cigarette on a rooftop in London.

Rihanna Topless

Her eyes are hidden by a pair of large sunglasses while she puffs away a cigarette. As you may see, she is surrounded by tobacco smoke. She wrote:

“This is what I come heauxm to… More construction on the roof! Hurry up boyz, it’s summer time!!!.”

The superstar who became famous with her song ‘Umbrella’ was recently asked by photo-sharing site Instagram to remove all images where she is absolutely naked.

For example, on one of her images she covered her naked body with marijuana leaves  to celebrate marijuana day with cannabis-lovers in the entire world.

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