Robert Pattinson quits smoking

by Jenny Novac on October 25, 2012

The Breaking Dawn: Part 2 star Robert Pattinson is trying to giving up his nasty habit – smoking.

According to the latest news,  Pattinson had switched from the regular cigarettes to electronic ones in May, but later decided to switch to real cigarettes in this summer when he has problems with his relationship with Kristen Stewart.

Smoking Pattinson

Robert Pattinson smoking a cigarette

However, despite the fact that the actor uses cigarettes, he does not deny his wish to quit smoking.

As outlined by ABC News, Pattinson and Stewart decided to get back together for the coming promotional tour for the last installment in the Twilight franchise, which occurs in paces all over the world.

A short while ago the couple has been has decided to dedicate more time for them, working on their differences and trying to improve their relationship. Maybe all this time together will put Pattinson at ease, making his journey to quit smoking habit much more easier.

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