Robert Pattinson Works on Quitting Smoking

by Jenny Novac on October 8, 2012

A well-known star Robert Pattinson, who played a main role in Breaking Dawn Part 2, was in New York on October 5 without his girlfriend Kristen Stewart. Pattinson and Tom Sturridge went to the IFC Film’s dinner. It was observed during the dinner that the celebrity is trying to give up smoking and that’s as significant a plus as taking Kristen back is.

Smoking Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson exhaling cigarette smoke

As indicated by a report from Hollywood Life, Robert and Tom enjoyed their dinner and the room went all a-Twitter over Rob being a surprise guest.

“Rob Pattinson & #ontheroad star Tom Sturridge have left the bldg (& Assayas table) but Tweets in their honor continue from @ifcfilms bash,” one follower tweeted.

But the true excitement was when admirers noticed that pattinson was making an sincere try at quitting smoking.

“R-Patz smokes an e-cig. So chic,” another Twitter follower wrote.

The famous ster did in fact ‘light up’ an e-cigarette in the restaurant after his dinner—a positive sign of either making an serious effort at giving up smoking or simply fiending until he could go out to smoke a cigarette.

Hopefully Robert Pattinson really is trying to quit smoking. It will not only prolong his life and make him smell so much better, but any children he and Kristen Stewart decide to have will stand better chances of enjoying good health.

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