Salma Hayek Puffing Out in London

by Jenny Novac on April 1, 2015

Salma Hayek several years ago told about her plan to quit smoking for good, but seems like she started smoking again.

Last week she was photographed puffing out a cigarette! She was caught smoking in London at the opening of Christopher Kane’s flagship store.

The images show clearly that the 48-years-old actress enjoys a cigarette during a break for the soirée in Mayfair.

She was standing behind a wall and in one hand she has a cigarette and with other hand she is holding her fashionable bag.

In one of her interviews, Salma confessed she started smoking in 2002 during filming for the movie Frida, which tells a lifestory about Frida Kahlo.

Back in 2007, in an interview to Marie Claire magazine she told:

“It’s the sexiest vice you could possibly pick. I’ve tried to quit before. But this time I’m done with it. I’ve changed.”

However, the latest photos show that the smoking habit is back.

Salma Hayek Smoking

Salma Hayek Smoking

Salma Hayek Smoking

Salma Hayek


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