Sarah Palin uses tobacco as prop in NRA address

by Jenny Novac on May 8, 2013

Why is Sarah Palin supporting a tin of chewing tobacco? That’s what guests at last weekend’s National Rifle Association convention in Houston might have questioned if they weren’t giving tumble to the speeches.

Sarah Palin Chewing Tobacco

Sarah Palin speaking at NRA Convention

Palin was using the chewing tobacco as a visual support in her fight against what she thinks as New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s anti-freedom mission.

In March at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland, Ms. Palin certainly sipped from a Big Gulp to mock Mayor Bloomberg’s effort to reduce soda sizes in city restaurants. At the NRA convention she went a bit further, using the tin of tobacco and demonstrating it to the audience so as to decry Bloomberg’s new proposal to prohibit shops from openly displaying tobacco products, establish a minimum price for cigarettes, and avoid shops from redeeming tobacco-company coupons.

Nor is Palin alone in criticizing the planned ban on tobacco displays. An association of small grocery owners in the city has began a “Save Our Stores” campaign, reasoning that the step would just develop a black market in tobacco products while depriving them of crucial sales.

But it’s a lot easier to mock soda control than new tobacco rules, given the science relating disease and tobacco products. Bloomberg has mentioned that some countries, such as Canada and Britain, have introduced identical bans on displaying tobacco products.

“This law will help avoid another generation from the ill health and shorter life expectancy that is connected with smoking,” Bloomberg said in March.

2013 NRA Annual Meetings: Sarah Palin

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