Schwarzenegger Puffing a Cigar in Brisbane

by Jenny Novac on March 20, 2015

Arnold Schwarzenegger says he is a fitness fanatic but recent images by paparazzi suggest that he also is a fan of smoking.

This week he was seen in Brisbane  puffing away a cigar openly, without an attempt to hide it. He was accompanied by his girlfriend Heather Milligan.

It is seen on the image that Arnold was dressed in a red polo shirt and black pants. He holds a cigar in between his teeth while putting things into his white car.

Schwarzenegger With a Cigar

Schwarzenegger With a Cigar

His amazing blonde girlfriend all the time was behind him. The couple was assisted by a small entourage.

Schwarzenegger travelled to Melbourne in the weekend to take part in body building competition the Arnold Classic Australia event. Then he went to Brisbane to speak at a real estate sales summit.  He gave a great motivational speech for the audience. The price of a ticket for the event was $199.

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