Sean Penn Exchanged an Autograph for Cigarettes

by Jenny Novac on March 24, 2014

Sean Penn Smoking

The famous actor Sean Penn who played in the «Gangster Squad» went out with his new girlfriend, wonderful Charlize Theron, and when he got back to their car he noticed that he had left his cigarettes at home.

Sean asked Charlize if she had brought her cigarettes. She answered «No» and because Sean had left his billford at her house, he couldn not buy cigarettes.

At that moment, a fan approched to Sean and a pack of cigarettes was sticking out from his front pocket, which made a change of heart in Sean, who usually never poses for pictures with unknown people.

The fan asked if he could have a photo with the actor and Sean said: ”How about I trade you a photograph for a couple of cigs?”

The fan was very glad to give him the entire pack of cigarettes but Sean took only two cigarettes and happily posed for a photo.

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