Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman Spotted Smoking Cigarettes

by Jenny Novac on April 23, 2014

Not so long ago Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman for the first time in their lives became parents. Two months ago they gave birth to a boy, Eric.

However, seems like the couple feel themselves like teenagers! Recently they were spotted smoking cigarettes in Los Angeles in a topless $1 million Jaguar Eagle Speedster.

Simon Cowell Smoking

Simon Cowell Smoking

Simon, 54, and  his partner Lauren, 36, enjoyed smoking their favorite cigarettes in a luxury car. As you may see on the images, Simon is smiling and holding his cigarette in his mouth while he drives his car.  Wonderful Lauren smiled too and looked more elegant with her cigarette and large round sunglasses on her head. After a cool drive in a cool car they had a walk in hand and looked happy.

Simon Cowell Smoking

Simon Cowell in Jaguar

Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman

‘I think this may be the most beautiful car in the world. It’s made by Eagle. Thank you Henry, Paul and the team,’ Simon wrote.

Some time ago, Cowell told in an interview that he will quit smoking after the birth of his son.

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