Simon Cowell Enlists Hypnotist To Quit Smoking

by Jenny Novac on January 21, 2015

Simon Cowell

When the celebrity Simon Cowell tried to quit smoking, he asked for help for famous  British hypnotist Paul Mckenna. Cowell been a heavy smoker for years, and when his beloved woman became pregnant he told he would quit.

Simon Cowell on the beach

However, despite his claims after child’s birth Simon was caught smoking again.

In 2013 quitting was Simon’s New year resolution which failed. Seems like this deal appeared to be very difficult to the showman and he was looking for a professional help.

In February 2014 was born Simon’s son Eric, and the actor was trying to quit again with the help of Mckenna, but did not manage.

Paul Mckenna

When Mckenna was asked about the reasons why, he replied:

 “I tried… but it didn’t work because he doesn’t want to give up yet… He’s not ready yet.”

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