Simon Cowell is Quitting Smoking for Son

by Jenny Novac on December 25, 2013

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell wants to quit smoking because he will have baby son.  Lauren Silverman, his pregnant girlfriend, is expecting their first baby. Cowell told in an interview to LBC 97.3 radio that he does not want to light up a cigarette in presense of their offspring and plans to quit smoking.

”No, I won’t do that, I’ve learnt that. I’m trying to use electronic cigarettes, they’re not bad. But moderation would be better.”

The presenter of ‘X Factor’ previously thought he wouldn’t kick the habit for good, and tried just to find ways to make his house most appropriate, safe and comfortable for his growing son.

Simon Cowell

Cowell, aged 54, told recently about changes in his life he is going to make. Now he has a special smoking room where he may feel himself comfortable. At the same time, he is hiding away his cigarettes and alcohol out of sight.  He said that there are many boring things that happen when you have a baby.  For example, it is necessary to get rif of cigarettes, sharp edges, alcohol and more, and in these conditions it is great to have a smoking room.

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