Manufacturers,wholesale Distributors And Exporters Of Smoking Accessories In India

by Jenny Novac on May 24, 2011

Smoking is the practice of burning tobacco and tasting or inhaling the smoke. The style and methods in smoking however differ according to the choice and affordability of the smoker. After burning in flame, the Tobacco produces air soluble Compound called ‘nicotine’ which can be easily absorbed by the lungs. Most common form of drug used in smoking is tobacco. Nearly one billion people across all major cultures in the world do smoking in one or the other form.


The historical tale behind smoking is interesting.It is believed to be started in many popular culture of the world as early as 5000 b.c.With the conquests of Americans in Asia and sub Sahran Africa,the practice of smoking tobacco spread widely leading to merging techniques ad emergence of new styles in smoking.

Among some most common forms of drugs are tobacco,opium, canabis etc. However there are some highly addictive drugs in the form of heroine, Cocaine and Charas. The consumption of drugs and smoking has lead to designing and development of different types of smoking accessories. The influence of culture can be seen on these accessories in the form of designs.

There are many types of accessories use for the purpose of smoking. The manufacturing and the functionality of these accessories is noticeable.Some accessories are used for proper storage of the smoking items. Whereas some type of accessories are used as a tool for smoking.Chillum, hookahs,smoking pipes,smoking bongs,smoking bubbler,tobacco pipes,and cigars are used for smoking.

Tobacco grinder is a device used for gringing the tobacco finely before it can be ready to use for smoking. There are cigarette cases and cigarette holders for perfectly placing and managing your cigarettes. There are beautiful ashtrays for keeping you home cleaned of any ashes. These ashtrays come in beautiful designs and are made from various types of materials.

Modern Hookah

In market, there are ordinary to artistic to modernstyle hookahs chillums and smoking pipes. There is endles variety to choose from the designer and artistic collection for you. Choose from the exclusive range of delicately designed cigars, smoking pipes, cigarette cases and cigarette holders for keeping and maintaining your collection handy.

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