Smoking after 2015: Expensive and not in fashion

by Jenny Novac on November 6, 2012

Nowadays there are a lot of smokers in Russia. The excise-duties on cigarettes and the tobacco sale limitations are insignificant. Tobacco products at the Russian market are sold at low prices.  However, in several years this may be a thing of the past. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev says he intends to ban smoking in all public places beginning from 2015. Russia’s government has submitted an anti-tobacco bill that presents introduction of a smoking ban in all public places ahead of January 1st, 2015.

Rusian Smoker

Man smoking in Russia

There are sufficient data for the implementation of smoking bans in Russia. The number of negative consequences smoking is associated with is growing. Despite this will be a very tough legislation, it does not strip smokers of their rights, Yevgeny Achkasov, a member of the Public Chamber, says.

Achkasov said that smokers can buy cigarettes at every supermarket. Smoking people can see a price list and choose the necessary cigarette brand. There is a proposal to place on cigarette packs what smoking may result in. People must know what consequences may be. According to the latest data, Russia lies in one of the leading places on smoking rates.

Smoking will be prohibited in all public places, including state institutions, social facilities, public transport, the beaches, on the children’s sites. The advertising of all tobacco products and smoking will be prohibited too. In addition, the effects of smoking ban abroad show that the measure is successful. In the USA, Europe and in other countries the violation of smoking ban in public places is followed by big fines.

Nevertheless, the possibility of limited smoking has forced tobacco companies to worry about losing Russia as one of the most profitable markets. Limited advertising and a ban on sale of tobacco products in small shops is a subject of concern for cigarette makers. The General Vadim Zhelnin, Director of the Tabakprom Association, pointed out that many workers may lose their jobs and trade outlets.

Anti-tobacco bill is one more important thing. As outlined by the World Health Organization, smoking bans and high prices on the tobacco products are the most successful method to reduce tobacco consumption, particularly among rising generation. Moreover, two-thirds of smokers support the anti-tobacco bill. The government must as well take measures to prevent the sale of cheap pirated goods. Both the government and the society must take pains to advocate a healthy lifestyle. “Smoking is not in fashion” should become a slogan of today.

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