Smoking and Mental Health

by Jenny Novac on February 26, 2014


Based on the results of the latest study, scientists made a conclusion that quitting smoking is good not only for physicla health but also for mental. Scientists analyzed data from 4,800 regular smokers in the USA who participated in 2 surveys made three years apart.

People who reported mental health problems in the first survey, after quitting were less likely to have the same problems which was noted already in second survey.

During the first survey it was found that 40% of participants suffered from anxiety and mood disorders, 50% had alcohol problems, 24% had drug problems.  The second survey revealed that 29% of people who had quit smoking had mood disorders, in comparison with 42% of those who did not refuse from smoking.

Alcohol problems had 18% of participants and 28% of smokers, and from drug problems suffered 5% of participants and 16% of those who still smoked.

The results of the study may be found in the journal Psychological Medicine.  The researchers at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis say that doctors who treat mental disorders should recommend smokers to quit first. That is the best way to fight psychiatric issues.

Today doctors while treating alcohol dependence, depression, anxiety, mood problems do allow their patients to smoke cigarettes in order to relieve from stress. Lead researcher Patricia Cavazos-Rehg, an assistant professor of psychiatry, said that  psychiatric problems are more challenging to treat and quitting smoking may interfere with treatment.

The results of the study do suggest that there is a serious connection between improved mental health and quitting smoking. When a patient concentrates on other mental health issues, it may be a perfect time to quit smoking.

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