Smoking to Be Banned at All Schools in Beijing

by Jenny Novac on May 30, 2011

A smoking ban will be fully implemented at all kindergartens, primary and secondary schools in Beijing by the end of this year, said the Beijing Patriotic Health Campaign Committee on Saturday, the Beijing News reported.

School in Beijing

According to the latest standards released by the Committee, nowhere inside schools is allowed to smoke, including outdoors, such as the playground. Besides, no-smoking signs must be displayed in classroom buildings, teachers’ offices, gymnasiums, wash rooms and other key areas.

Universities, colleges and adult educational institutions can set outdoor smoking sections in ventilated areas. Smoking is prohibited outside those sections, including dormitories and dining halls, where smoking has been allowed in the past.

Beijing has 3.3 million smokers and six to seven million people suffer from second-hand smoke. In China, one million die of smoking-related diseases every year, according to a report released by the Ministry of Health.

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