Smoking in R-Rated Movies Has No Impact on Kids

by Jenny Novac on May 27, 2015

Smoking in Movie Man Men

Betty Hofstadt in the movie Mad Men is the personage who suffered from negative effects of smoking for more than a decade. But she is not the only one in movie industry. Other well-known personages are Tim Donohue (Donald Sumpter) in The Constant Gardener, Constantine (Keanu Reeves) in Constantine, Otis Blake (Jeff Bridges) in Crazy Heart.

It was estimated that since 2002, four thousand different personages used cigarettes in 1,100 top-grossing movies. If three of these personages were diagnoed with a hear disease or lung cancer, it could result in on-screen mortality rate of 0.07% (less than one-tenth of one percent). Among adult smokers sitting in the audience 50%  suffered from a kind of a smoking-related disease.

How these movies with smoking personages affected young generations? Were they allowed for young audience? These movies are R-rated and children were normally restricted from seeing them.  This is especially good because kids and teens are those who get initiated to smoking in an early age due to pressure of peers and curiosity.

Since 2002 totally there were produced 600 movies allowed for young people to watch. It is 55% of all movies made in this period of time. Though in these movies were present hundreds smoking characters, the impact of this was not observed.

It is clear that kids and teens should stay away from movies where people are smoking, because they will consider it a normal thing acceptable in the society. R-rating is a good thing that helps adults to make right decision when it comes to their kids movie watching.

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