Stop Smoking with a Lighter!

by Jenny Novac on May 14, 2014

People like to invent something new and like to improve existing things to make them work better. So is with things helping to quit smoking. Market offers you a number of things for quitting: nicotine gums and patches, e-cigarettes, old cold-turkey and even hypnosis.

Previously, we wrote about a quit smoking device called Mynus which offers a man the new way of quitting. However, it is hard to say what tool or device is most effective for quitting smoking. It is too individual matter.

Recently Ata Ghofrani and Kuji Nakano presented their new quit smoking invention. They thought that if a man knows exactly how many cigarettes he smokes daily, he will become more aware of his habit and have a fighting chance to kick it.


Their invention is called Quitbit and it is a lighter but not an ordinary one. Quitbit is a high-tech USB lighter, which counts every time you use it, and sends this data to iPhone app. It allows you to see how much and when you smoked your cigarettes, and even share and compete with your friends! Looks like quitting is fun!

Any quit smoking tool or program will be absolutely ineffective without strong motivation. A man wanting to stop smoking should first of all understand why he is doing that and put his efforts to achieving his aim. Quit smoking tools are not magic and many depends on personal efforts.

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