Szczesny Apologizes for Smoking in Dressing Room

by Jenny Novac on January 12, 2015

Wojciech Szczesny

According to Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger, goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny has apologised for puffing a cigarette in the dressing room after his team lost the game with Southampton. He is convinced that Szczesny will learn from this mistake.

Wenger told nothing about player’s ban from next games but generally appreciatess the 24-year-old goalkeeper and is glad to have him in Arsenal as he is one of best players.

When  Szczesny was caught smoking in dressing room, he was subjected to a £20,000 fine by the club for violation of discipline. It should be noted that earlier Jack Wilshere was caught smoking. After the latest incident Wenger reminded his players of the club rules on the issue.

Wenger was asked about Szczesny ban in next games, and he told that when he is selecting eleven players for a game he takes everything into consideration, but does not say exactly about Szczesny. Wojciech contributed greatly in improving the image of Arsenal. He is strong, he knows his mistakes and learns from them.

Every football club has its own rules but it does not need to be public, including incidents. Szczesny is not the first player who broke the rules and not the last one. Major task of Szczesny is to be a good player and perform well on field. Accidents do happen. Wenger is against smoking and understands why people light up because he was smoker in past.

When asked if the club is looking for a new goalkeeper,  Wenger answered there is no need as they have excellent ones.

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