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Smoking in R-Rated Movies Has No Impact on Kids

Betty Hofstadt in the movie Mad Men is the personage who suffered from negative effects of smoking for more than a decade. But she is not the only one in movie industry. Other well-known personages are Tim Donohue (Donald Sumpter) in The Constant Gardener, Constantine (Keanu Reeves) in Constantine, Otis Blake (Jeff Bridges) in Crazy […]

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Health Impacts of Thirdhand Smoke

When the talk is about secondhand smoke, people may feel it in the air, but thirdhand smoke is a disguised threat. What is thirdhand smoke? This is invisible remnant of tobacco smoke that remains on different surfaces. A recent study found that thirdhand smoke is...

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Mother’s Smoking May Raise ADHD Risk in Children

A new study conducted in Australia reveals what environmental factors might increase risks for development of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Dr. Carol Bower, the author of the study and a senior principal research fellow with the Center for Child Health Research at the University of Western...

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Should Smoking in Cars With Kids be Banned?

A new study reveals that 82% of adults in the USA do support smoking ban in cars when in them are presented kids younger than 13. The survey also found that 87% of adults support smoking ban at businesses that permit kids, and 75% support...

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How To Prevent Children From Smoking

Check out next tips which will help you to prevent your children from smoking. 1.Tell your children about tobacco dangers as often as you may. It is important to keep talking about it over the years. Little kids also understand that smoking is bad. 2....

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Reasons Why Children Smoke

Everyone knows about health risks of tobacco use, but in spite of this modern children and teenagers continue to smoke cigarettes and use chewing tobacco. It is very important to make sure that children understand the risks of tobacco use. In the United States smoking...