Pregnant Woman

E-cigarettes Dangerous for Pregnant Women

Newest study made in the USA revealed that 50% of pregnant women considered that e-cigarettes do not contain nicotine, therefore they did not know that e-cigarettes are addictive.  They also believed that use of those devices causes no harm to their fetus. In the sudy participated 316 pregnant women and half of them turned to […]


E-cigarettes are Not Safe

In one of its recent publications, CHEST claims that electronic cigarettes are not studied so good that we could talk about their exact benefits and risks. Generally, physicians and public health experts have different opinions on them and they may be devided into two groups....

Mana e-cigarettes

Name change for plastic Mana cigarette

An electronic cigarette is set to be rebranded after a Maori anti-smoking activist says the Mana name was unfairly targeting Maori smokers. The Mana e-Cigarette contains no tobacco or nicotine but is marketed as “incredibly similar to the real thing!” “E-Cigarettes look, feel and taste...


Rock Stars Find a Better Alternative to Smoking

Revolver Electronic Cigarettes, a retailer of high quality electronic cigarettes and accessories, has been introducing today’s most popular musicians to the benefits of e-cigs. Members from bands such as Sick Puppies, Art of Dying, Crossfade, Godsmack, Testament, 10 Years, and Seether have discovered the convenience...

Link to Banned e-cigarettes on sale in Regina stores

Banned e-cigarettes on sale in Regina stores

Electronic cigarettes are illegal and unreliable as a quit-smoking tool, according to Health Canada, but they’re still easy to buy in Regina stores. The cigarettes, commonly called e-cigarettes, contain cartridges of flavoured liquid that is vapourized and inhaled. They’re marketed as an alternative to smoking...

E-cigarettes ignite debate over including them in bans

RICHMOND, Va. — That’s not smoke coming out of Cliff Phillips’ mouth. But that hasn’t stopped others from cringing, making remarks, waving their hands in their faces and coughing at the sight of the vapor from his electronic cigarette. “They’re just conditioned if they see...