Johnny Depp Gets a Kiss Despite Smoking a Cigar

Johnny Depp is an actor well-known for passion for graceful women, travelling and starring in strange Hollywood movies. Recently he showed his love for a different fine thing. He was spotted smoking a cigar while walking on the red carpet during the premiere of the movie The Danish Girl. He was not alone but with […]

Johnny Depp Smoking

Johnny Depp Smokes Thousand Cigarettes Daily

Johnny Depp, who played Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean, is one of most recognizable actors in Hollywood. There were times when he was a real bad boy enjoying alcohol and drugs with Kate Moss. It seemed like he came to an anchor...

10 Most Famous People Who Smoke

Amidst the current trend against smoking, the 10 most famous people who smoke continue to light up. Although it is difficult to be absolutely certain, the paparazzi have caught these famous people who smoke, puffing a chimney on camera. Jennifer Aniston. Those close to her...