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Health Impacts of Thirdhand Smoke

When the talk is about secondhand smoke, people may feel it in the air, but thirdhand smoke is a disguised threat. What is thirdhand smoke? This is invisible remnant of tobacco smoke that remains on different surfaces. A recent study found that thirdhand smoke is connected to a number of health problems. Rsearchers from the […]


What Thirdhand Smoke Is

Most of you heard about secondhand smoke and know about how it affects people, but what do you know about thirdhand smoke? Scientists found that it can be dangerous too. Everyone knows that smoking is no good for his body and living with a smoker...


Kids with Asthma More Likely Exposed to Secondhand Smoke

Researchers in the USA claim that in spite of large health campaigns, still many people are smoking around children. Data from 2003 to 2010, demonstrates that 50% of all kids aged 6 to 19, including those suffering from asthma, have been exposed to secondhand smoke....

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Should Smoking in Cars With Kids be Banned?

A new study reveals that 82% of adults in the USA do support smoking ban in cars when in them are presented kids younger than 13. The survey also found that 87% of adults support smoking ban at businesses that permit kids, and 75% support...

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Women No.1 victims of second-hand smoke

The Bureau of Health Promotion reported Thursday that although the majority of women in Taiwan are not smokers, they are the biggest victims of passive smoke. “As a rule, women are affected by passive smoke from their fathers when they were little girls, from their...

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Casinos able to cash in on smokers

Smoking in public buildings everywhere in Indiana will be illegal in a week. It is not a news or surprise for people in Fort Wayne – many a year smoking in bars, restaurants or any other public area in the city was banned. When the...

Consumer group not lovin’ smoke at California McDonald’s

A consumer advocacy organization has sued McDonald’s, alleging the fast-food chain has violated California law by permitting smoking in outdoor areas without warning its customers or employees of secondhand-smoke exposure. The suit, filed in the Los Angeles County Superior Court, claims the practice is “widespread.”...

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Spartanburg snuffs out smokers

The day was warm and sunny, perfect September weather to enjoy a cigarette outdoors. But this time it wasn’t by choice. Those who normally would have been smoking in restaurants and bars, were taking a quick smoke on the way back to work, sitting in...