Smoking Macaley Culkin

Macaulay Culkin ‘smoking 60 cigarettes a day

Worries have started yet for a second time for Macaulay Culkin among reports the stressed actor is smoking as much as 60 cigarettes a day. Pals are apparently seriously worried about the Home Alone star as the consequences of his smoking habit are starting to display. “He has already breathing problems, his teeth began to […]

Smoking Johnny Depp

Stressed Johnny? Depp puffs on a cigarette onset of new flick

Johnny Depp is featuring in a movie where computers have the capability to transcend the abilities of the human brain. But for the American smoking celebrity, who is known as actor, film producer, and musician it was all about just pleasures as he took a...

Lianne La Havas Portrait

Lianne La Havas quits smoking

Lianne La Havas has aided make her voice considerably better by giving up smoking and drinking. Lianne La Havas’ voice has become better since she quitted smoking. The 23-year-old singer was nominated for the Mercury Music Prize and was awarded on November 1. The smoking...

Smoking Katy Perry

Katy Perry puffs on cigarette outside the cinema

She was at the cinema to enjoy a movie with her good friends, but it seems Katy Perry was not thinking about the movie. The American singer talked with two her girlfriends outside the cinema and was smoking a cigarette. The smoking habit will not...

Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart Living On ‘Red Bull And Cigarettes’

Kristen Stewart declared that she will be living on a ”Red Bull and cigarettes” diet due to her rupture with Robert Pattinson. Kristen Stewart has parted with her boyfriend Robert Pattinson and made a decision to go on a diet that consists only of Bull...

Lilo Smoking

Lindsay Lohan strike a pose while smoking a cigarette

On July 9 Lindsay Lohan was caught again smoking a cigarette with her male friend outside a vintage shop. It seemed that the famous smoking celebrity strike a pose intentionally looking as a model. For this once Lohan had distinguished herself by behaviour again. Instead...

Liam Hemsworth

Liam Hemsworth puffs away on a cigarette break after filming stressful scenes with Nikki Reed

Liam Hemsworth was photographed looking lonely as he came to New York this week to film new project. He seemed to miss his girlfriend yesterday after finishing a day of filming his new movie, Empire State. The fiancé of Miley Cyrus, who is actress and...

Smoking Britney Spears

Britney Spears sneaks out for a cigarette break before judging a new round of X Factor auditions

A famous celebrity Britney Spears has been a lover of cigarettes since she was a teenage. Now at the age of 30 she is a mother of two kids does not intend to give up smoking. Britney Spears, being The X Factor judge, was caught...