Using Smartphone

Use My QuitBuddy for Smoking Cessation

There was launched a new application for those who wants to quit smoking. The talk is about app called My QuitBuddy. With My QuitBuddy you choose when to start your personal quitting program. You may choose to quit smoking right now or you may establish a concrete quitting day for future. You can establish your […]

Golden Rain Tree

Cytisine May be Used in Smoking Cessation

Latest issue of New England Journal of Medicine published a study which found that an extract from golden rain tree growing in Central and Eastern Europe may help smokers quit. Scientists found that this extract contains a substance called  cytisine that is similar to nicotine,...

Smoking Woman

Texting Helps to Quit Smoking

These days there are a lot of smoking cessations tools for those who want to quit: nicotine patches, nicotine gums, medications, quit smoking lines, support groups, quit smoking applications for smartphones. Recently one more tool appeared. Text messaging. The American Journal of Preventive Medicine published...


Physical Activity Helps to Quit Smoking

Smoking has negative effects on health and most people are aware about it. 77 percent of adults in Scotland protect themselves from negative effects of smoking by choosing not to smoke. It was estimated that 67 percent of smokers in the UK would like to...


Quit Smoking Products Do Not Harm the Heart

Here are wonderful news for those who want to quit smoking. Recently it was found that smoking cessation drugs, nicotine gums and patches do no affect negatively the heart. It was considered before that some products that help people to quit may present a threat...

Social Networking

Social Networking Sites May Help Quit Smoking

A new study found that smokers who use social networking sites for quitting smoking achieve success due to creation of supporting groups from like-minded people. These virtual connections increase smoker’s chances to kick their habit.  The finding is based on answers of 252 users of...

Stop Smoking

Graphic Anti-Smoking Ads Increase Attempts to Quit

Graphic television anti-smoking advertisements make more smokers to make an attempt to give up smoking than less serious advertisements, reported by a new study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. “Harder impacting advertisements worked similarly well, in spite of how much a person wanted...

Barack Obama Quitted Smoking

Obama’s reason to stop smoking

US President Barack Obama had finally stopped smoking. However, nobody knew what the motivation for smoking cessation was. Recently it was revealed the reason why president kicked the smoking habit. First Lady Michelle Obama, in an exclusive interview, said that she talks about the negative effects...