Hobbit Gandalf Smoking

Hobbit film ‘advertises smoking’ to youngsters

One of the major anti-smoking scientists and campaigners around the world has charged the New Zealand Government of hypocrisy and sabotaging its own attempts to remove cigarette consumption by 2025. Prof Stanton Glantz explained the New Zealand Government was investing huge amounts of money on anti-smoking promotion, yet it had spent vast amounts as tax […]


Heroine to feature anti-smoking advertisement

Bollywood director Madhur Bhandarkar declared that his forthcoming film Heroine will show an anti-smoking advertisement. Such declaration was made due to the new rules on smoking scenes in the films. In recent times, the Centre informed the Supreme Court that it was establishing a new...

Nu Pogodi Smoking Scene

Smoking Law Could Hit Popular Cartoons

A new law that bans smoking images on TV before 11 p.m. reached the classic “Nu, Pogodi” and “Cheburashka” cartoons. According to the report, the cartoons should be edited in order to remove smoking scenes. Lovers of Soviet-era cartoons will enjoy no more the original...