Sarah Palin Chewing Tobacco

Sarah Palin uses tobacco as prop in NRA address

Why is Sarah Palin supporting a tin of chewing tobacco? That’s what guests at last weekend’s National Rifle Association convention in Houston might have questioned if they weren’t giving tumble to the speeches. Palin was using the chewing tobacco as a visual support in her fight against what she thinks as New York City Mayor […]

Vogue Smoking Edition

Carine Roitfeld Breaks Statement to ‘Never Use a Cigarette’ in Latest CR Fashion Book Editorial

Carine Roitfeld forgot her promise not to use cigarettes in shoots One year and a half passed since Carine Roitfeld promised to “never use a cigarette again in any shoot,” but it appears like Roitfeld may have already overlooked her statement. Roitfeld mentioned her recent...


Maldives to implement special license to import tobacco

A special license to import cigarettes and tobacco products implemented in the Maldives A modification has been implemented to the regulation and involved in the government gazette which would find the demand of a special license to import cigarettes and tobacco products into the Maldives....

Smoking Woman

Why do people in the north of England smoke more?

The north of England has always had comparatively high smoking rates, although high rates do not actually mean that people in the north are using cigarettes “more”. To realize the true overview, it is necessary to ask what conditions are special to the north of...

Smoking Ban

Russians Doubt Smoking Ban in Public Places

Most Russians do not maintain the government’s step to enforce a total ban on smoking in public places and consider the focus should be on supporting people who smoke give up, a pollster said on January 17. The State Duma, Russia’s lower house of parliament...

Off-the-shelf Flavor

FLAVOR Cigarettes Exhibition

Flavor is the element of a set up line designed to show people a certain idea by means of the typography and present how it could connect and represent outside of the normal screen and print based forms. Flavor was produced using more than 4,000...

No Smoking

Large turnout in Sofia for protest against full smoking ban in restaurants and bars

Yesterday there was a large turnout for a protest outside Parliament in the Bulgarian capital city Sofia against the legislation that became operational in June against a full smoking ban in enclosed public areas such as restaurants and bars. The protest was prepared by a...

Should you need a licence to smoke?

Could smokers apply and pay for a licence to purchase cigarettes? The application process might even contain a test to discover if people recognized the dangers of smoking, and swipe card licence would restrict tobacco purchases – perhaps to 50 cigarettes per day or less....