Tara Reid Reveals Skinny Arms While Puffing a Cigarette

by Jenny Novac on August 5, 2015

Actress  Tara Reid, the star of the movie Sharknado, was caught recently by paparazzi.  It should be said that paparzzi spotted her in right time in the right place. The images show her smoking a cigarette and reveal her skinny arms.

Tara Reid Smoking

The images are fresh! They were made just on Monday. The paparzzi caught her in  Beverly Hills when she went ouside after having lunch in a celeb hangout called The Ivy. She was not alone but with her male friend. She was standing on the street, puffing a cigarette and waiting for her car.

Tara Reid Smoking

Tara Reid Smoking

Tara Reid in Her Car

She was dressed in a pair of denim jeans, sleeveless red top and a pair of sandals. In her hand she had a black handbag and violet reflective aviator-style sunglasses were covering her eyes. She had her blonde long hair hang loose around her shoulders.

Her skinny figure was a subject for discussions for years, and this spring she just wrote in her twitter:  ‘I’m just a skinny girl and I do eat!’

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