Teens in the USA are Smoking Less

by Jenny Novac on June 16, 2014

Smoking Woman

The latest report reveals that rates of smoking cigarettes, fighting and having sex among high school students are dropping.  The survey made in 2013 found that smoking rates among students dropped to 15.7%. The government’s aim is to achieve 16% or less by 2020 with its program “Healthy People 2020”.

The report was made by CDC and it also says that these days teenagers are waiting longer time to have sex than is was in previous years. Thus in 1991 there were 38% and in 2013 there are 34%.

The drop in rate of fighting among teens shows that young people became less violent. In the survey participated more than 13,000 high school students from 42 American states and  there was found that in 2013 almost 25% of teenagers had been in a physical fight in comparison with 42% reported in 1991.

CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden is glad to see that high school students are conscious and fight and smoke less. Also he notes that though rates of sexually active young people is reduced, still the numbers are high.

CDC survey reveald that children became concerned about their diet and less drink soda because understand that its consumption leads to obesity. In 2007 around 34% consumed soda, and in 2013 only 27%.

Experts say that the good news is that rates of smoking tobacco cigarettes are in decline, but bad news is that the rates of using chewing tobacco and e-cigarettes among youth were not reduced. Moreover, rates of using e-cigarettes are in increase.

Bad news is that more young people do not use condoms while making sex. Thus in 2003 around 63% students used condoms while in 2013 only 59% did it.

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