Tips To Quit Smoking

by Jenny Novac on June 28, 2013


1. Choose the most appropriate method for you
Decide what method of quitting smoking is most appropriate for you: at once to refuse from cigarettes or to reduce their amount step by step. In order to achive good results you must keep to chosen strategy.

2. Choose the day to start
World No Tobacco Day celebrated on May 31 is a perfect occasion to quit smoking. Not only all your friends and relatives will support you but also millions of people worldwide.

3. Ask relatives and friends for their support
It is necessary to say your relatives  and friends that you fight nicotine addiction and you need their support. For example, ask them not to smoke in your presence.

4. Make a list of reasons to quit smoking
When you will make it, put it on fridge to have it always in front of your eyes. This may help you to organize yourself when your will power would be about to leave you.

5. Enjoy each smoking-free day
If you did not stand the test and you got a cigarette to smoke, this does not mean that you gone wrong with quitting smoking. Accept the situation as a misstep and try not to repeat it anymore.

6. Acquire new habits
Try to keep away from stores and markets where you got used to buy cigarettes. At dinner in restaurants or bars stay in smoking-free areas.

7. Make physical exercises
Walking, going to the gym or in swimming pool may help you to relax and improve your health.

8. Do not be afraid of so called “cancel” symptoms associated with nicotine addiction. This is a normal reaction of body on refusal from cigarettes. Your body needs time to re-form for a new life without cigarettes. However, for most people those “cancel” symptoms are main barrier in quitting smoking. To keep your will power and to fight smoking desire you should use special nicotine replacement therapy.

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