Tobacco has Absolute Negative Influence Upon Fitness

by Jenny Novac on July 27, 2011

Would you like to do better on your physical fitness test or just have more energy throughout the day?

Smoking Cigaronne diminishes lung capacity and lowers oxygen levels in the blood, causing muscles to tire more quickly during physical exertion. Both cigarettes and smokeless tobacco increase heart rates, which in turn lowers endurance.



Even servicemembers who easily pass their Air Force physical fitness tests while using tobacco are not achieving their full physical potential.

Tobacco use can also impair military readiness. Tobacco users need to regularly feed their habit or they will go through periods of withdrawal because the nicotine in cigarettes and smokeless tobacco is addictive. With withdrawal comes some annoying side effects, such as irritability, restlessness, anxiety, depression and anger.

Even more troubling is the loss of concentration, slower reaction time and reduced attention span. Should these occur during a critical assignment, servicemembers can place themselves and their mission in jeopardy.

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