Tom Sturridge and Juno Temple Smoking During a Break

by Jenny Novac on October 28, 2013

Recently there have started filmings for the new movie called Far From The Madding Crowd by the novel of Thomas Hardy written in 1874.

However, it seems that Tom Sturridge together with Juno Temple do already feel stress during filmings as they often smoke cigarettes when having a break.

Taking a break from filming Tom, who plays Sergeant Troy, and Juno, who plays Fanny Robin, in the movie were seen puffing away while still in costume.

By the looks of it the young actors, they are getting on well as Juno was seen laughing as they enjoyed smoking cigarettes together.

The British actress showed off very long blonde hair covered with a bonnet. Not only she has a new hair style. Tom also demonstrated his.

Juno Temple

Tom Sturridge

Tom Sturridge and Juno Temple


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