Top Smoking Myths

by Jenny Novac on November 11, 2013


Myth #1. Secondhand smoke is not dangerous outdoors
Open spaces permit for tobacco smoke to dissolve more effectively and faster, however, it does not mean that secondhand smoke exposure does not have negative effects on human health. Scientists say that exposure to secondhand smoke increases risks for heart disease and lung cancer by 30%.

Myth #2. These days less people smoke than in past times
Today ads showing former smokers, severe anti-smoking laws and high taxes on cigarettes have discouraged many people from smoking while in past times it was cool to smoke. In classic Hollywood movies you may see many smoking people. It is estimated that these days in the USA almost 43.8 million people are smokers. It is 19% of smoking people. The current number is lower than it was in 1965 when 50 million people smoked (42% of total population).

Myth #3. It is safe to smoke few cigarettes
Scientists say that there is no safe level of smoking and even few cigarettes can keep the addiction. Various researches suggest that if you are a former smoker, then having just a single puff can send you back to smoking.

Myth #4. Smoking alternatives like hookah and e-cigarettes are less harmful
Many smokers are turning to alternatives such as e-cigarettes considered to be less harmful. The Freedom Laser Therapy, a company that promotes a nicotine free way to quit smoking, claims that e-cigarrettes are not healthy because they keep people attached to nicotine.   Several big tobacco companies spent almost $9.94 billion on ads  in 2008, a large portion of which is for promoting smoking alternatives.

The tobacco industry creates new products in order to attract younger people and they present these products as less harmful than regular cigarettes. But once a young person tries nicotine, it is more likely he will try other tobacco products. You should know that e-cigarettes may really contain less harmful substances than tobacco, but they are not regulated by state. It means that quality control over the nicotine content and other substances is left to the manufacturer.

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